Beat Making Software for PC: My Top 5 List

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With the current technology, musician and producer do not need to own a recording studio so as to release top quality music, they only need to keep up with the latest best beat making software for PC which can make their work easier.

These top softwares enable the user to release top quality sounds that makes it hard to differentiate it from sound made from high performance recording equipments.

These softwares provide an individual with the right tools he or she needs to become a music producer without necessarily using expensive equipments. Several professional beat maker including Timberland and JustBlaze use these software to come with unique and very complex instrumental sounds.

Top 5 list of beat making software for PC

The following are the top 5 best beat making software for PC for beginners, professionals and affordable price for you that need to consider when you want to produce top quality music like dubstep, hip hop, house, reggae and the others music genre.

5. Sonic Producer 2

Sonic Producer V2.0

It is relatively cheap and designed to be used in windows and Mac operating system. It incorporate all the tools needed during recording, editing and mixing music for excellent performance. The sonic producer produces high quality music at relative low capital investment.

Here the review and discount price; >> Sonic Producer 2 software.

4. Dr. Drum

DR DRUM Software

Dr. Drum is user friendly and works in both windows and Mac operating system. This software is intuitive and easy to use. Although, making music with this beat making software require a bit of talent, once an inspiration hits you, the Dr. Drum becomes the easiest software to record and edit music. It provide its user with over 12 pad drum machine and four octave keyboard to create a sixteen track winner. Here the review and discount price of dr drum beat making software: >> dr drum software review.

3. BTV Solo

btv solo

This beat maker software is affordable and fun. The BTV solo is among the top latest comparative program with over a thousand engineered sound and a hundred drum kits built in. The software guarantees the user not only a great beat production but also beat that will be loved by many people.

The BTV solos allows beginners to producer and edit top quality beats at a relatively cheap price before they become established. BTV Solo review and discount price: >>btv solo software.

2. FL Studio 11 software

FL Studio 11

It is also known as the Fruity Loops, now available FL Studio 11 the newest version. This software allows the user to record music in a wide range of formats which include MIDI, FLP, MP3, WAV and ZIP.

FL studio lets one record music of top quality at his preferred musical output, this makes it easy for editing and storage purposes. More customer report for FL Studio HERE >>: Image Line FL Studio 10 Producer.

1. DubTurbo beat software


DubTurbo is the best beat making software for all beginners or even professional music producers. This is the right solution for mixing and production of high quality music. Users also get to have a digital workstation upon the download of this software, that will help you record, arrange publish and edit your tracks very easy. Review and discount price of dubturbo music making software: >> dubturbo beat maker

Which is the best beat making software for PC?

These are the best beat making software for pc currently in the market. If you want to produce excellent music do not hesitate to get one of these. Any of these softwares are capable of starting your musical career. Take your choice and start making your own music now!

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