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Technological advancement has enabled production of high quality beat makers. The beat thang virtual solo stands amongst the best that offer value for money. You do not need to spend $2000-$4,000 to get reliable virtual beat making software.

The new beat thang virtual music software offers you exceptional features for varied beat making needs. In fact, it stands as one of the most easy to use software found on the market today. Beat thang is an exemplary hip hop beat maker that you can rely on for unmatched creativity.

Prior to the launch of BTV Solo, the popular music making equipment was MPC Akai. But the high prices make it impossible for most of Djs to afford this device. Here is an overview of the current pricing of the MPC (from Amazon):

Models (new and used): Current Price:
 Akai MPC 5000 (standard type) $ 1999
 Akai MPC 1000 $ 500
 Akai MPC 400 $ 499
 Akai Pro MPC 2500 $ 1400
 Akai MPC 4000 Plus $ 1250
 Akai MPC 3000 LE Limited Edition $ 1995

Grammy Winning Producer Like Dallas Austin Introduce BTV Solo That’s Less than $50 !

Beat Thang Virtual Solo Review

Beat Thang Virtual SoloThe BTV Solo features 3000 superior quality professionally oriented sounds. The reliable easy-to-use sequencer allows you to create quantize, tap tempo, and also swing in real-time. Additionally, you can string them into a unique song mode (standard resolution is set at 960PPQ to exemplify extra tight beats if you need more simply adjust to 96PPQ for a classical MPC feel).

It is easy to create unique patterns that can be performed and even remixed using the 16 tracks each of which has got different lengths. Use your any type of USB pad, computer keyboard, and keyboard control to perform these functions.

This software comes with well over 3000 professional sounds, an in-depth kit and features a versatile instrument creator enables you to access and edit drum kits as well as instruments easily. Remember this can be done while the music is playing. Note that beat thang virtual solo creators spent two years ardently recording new high-quality drums, guitars, strings, synths, and much more to give you a better experience.

Beat Thang Virtual Solo Paves Way for Future

This beat thang software is the same range as to its bigger but relatively expensive counterpart Beat thang hardware mobile beat maker studio. It is paramount that you understand the specific features that this music software offers to its users. It has everything that you need to make original beats including Hip Hop, Dubstep, Dance, industrial and even electronic music productions.

It has the benefit of 1000 professionally mastered sounds, and 100 professional royalty-free tacks tailored to enhance your beat making process. BTVsolo also includes a 100 pro drum kits in its package, and an additional 100 acoustic and premium instruments that include: synths, basses, string ensembles, effects, and choirs to give you a better experience.

Although the beat thang virtual solo hasn’t been released to the market yet by the BKE electronics, it is already the talk of town by a good number of professional producers. This versatile beat maker will be released to the market early this year, and will definitely be what you will use to create professionally sounding tracks. Don’t be surprised if you use it to create your first dance-floor hit sooner than later.

Beat Thang Virtual Solo Sound Samples


Features of BTV Solo Software

This beat maker is specifically designed to for fast creation of high quality beats and easy to use. It is a perfect software for those learning the art but not suitable for seasoned songwriters and Djs. You spend limited time learning how to create beats using this software. The several keyboard shortcuts make it easy for you make great music on the 8 octaves of keys and kits.

Furthermore, you will get 16 stereo channels per pad, in addition to channel, solo buttons, and mute for each enhancing the functionality of the software. It comes with an exceptional ability to switch out samples and also kits on the fly. The best thing is that BTV solo is compatible with MIDI controllers. You can easily include your own creative sounds by plugging in a keyboard or pad.

There are other features that make BTV Solo stand out as easy to use beat making software on your own computer or laptop. It is simple to quantize your notes, it includes an adjustable bar length, swing, record mode, and swift easy tempo changes. It doesn’t need rocket science kind of knowledge to set reverb, delay, attack, sustain, and release for each unique sound you create in your tracks.

Note that this includes instrumental sounds and drum-kit sounds. The software gives the opportunity to have control over pitch bending, pan sounds to the right or left (stereo sound), and you will be able to easily manipulate the resonance and cutoff. The BTV solo runs ultra fast and does not chew up power when it comes to editing like other beat making programs.

BTV Solo Approval from Well-Known Artists

Custom Drum Kits

This program makes it possible to create custom drum kits using sample libraries or your very own unique sounds. BTV solo is not like the other programs that come only with pre-set drum kits. The sky is the limit to what you can create with this powerful software. It is quite easy to build the kits with BTV Solo click and drag sounds in and eventually place them where you want them assigned. You can continue editing once you have completed building your drum kit to create to get excellent beats, or press on to making music.

No Hardware Necessary in beat making

Beat Thang Virtual Software

This software can be used to make unmatched beats without including any hardware. It only needs you to control everything using your standard keyboard. This does not mean that your MIDI controller can’t be used. If you have one the better, if you don’t then relax as you can control everything using the keypad.

Built in mixer is able to control your volume, panning, effects, and other important aspects during production mode. The effect rack features 60 high quality effects such as compressors, pitch shifters, high and low pass filters, delays, reverbs, flangers, and phrasers. The advanced sample editing tools available are what enable effective time stretch, autochop, normalize, and more so pitch shift specific sounds used. You can make breathtaking Hip Hop beats and also electronic music. Its intuitive nature makes users make great beats with short periods.

Expand BTV solo with own sounds or Official Sample packs

You can get inspired by adding the huge BVT solo library of built in sounds by importing your samples or buying expansion packs. You can either use aiff or .wav files downloaded from looperman. Just copy them in sample folder at they will appear instantaneously ready to use.

Free Video Training

The several video tutorials is a plus for those who are new at making beats, and added advantage for those who want to refine their skills. The video tutorials cove a wide range of beat making topics and also venture into some of advanced beat making techniques. These tutorials also apply to other relevant tools too.

System Requirements

If you want to experience better what beat thang vitual solo offers, it is paramount that you adhere to the system, requirements. To enjoy utility value of thi program for Macintosh users Intel-based Macs only 1 GB RAM or greater, OS X 10.6 or more, and a 900 MB free space on the OS drive used.

WINDOWS Pentium 4 or that of greater value 1 GB RAM or of a greater capacity for Windows XP the SP 2 is highly recommended, and f Windows 7 and Vista requires 32 & 64 bit or that of a greater capacity, and 900 MB free space on the OS drive is 2 GHz for higher and effective performance.

Money Back Guarantee

BTV solo is quite reliable in making stunning beats for different genres of music. If you don’t prefer complicated beat making software like Ableton Live, Logic or Cubase then BTV solo is the better option. They are offering a 60-day money back guarantee and they let you keep the product if you are totally unsatisfied with feature and performance. Nothing gets better than this beat thang virtual solo offer.

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