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If you love DUBTurbo or you are thinking of buying this audio editing platform, then you will be glad to hear that DUBTurbo is recently being tailored with VST competence.

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology therefore DUBTurbo VST is an interface that assembles audio synthesizing, audio editing, and effects.

Since VST freeware does not subsist, a huge number of it does not have the ability and quality that is mostly found in DUBTurbo beat making software. One of the hottest music production sets on the market.

Moreover, the new VST consists of far more effects as compared to the original program to regulate your sounds.

The Unique Characteristics of DUBTurbo VST

DURTurbo’s VST involves a range of kits with about 5 to 8 octaves full of beats. Beginning by creating beat, you can actually cluster that beat with another onto similar VST channel to form a new beat effect. You can still go on to create these beat loops with new channels.

Dubturbo VST

The more influence you have over your sounds, the more you can create different and unique sounds from the sounds you are provided to work with. However, you have to bear in mind that you are limited to the hundreds of high quality sounds integrated in the program so you can create your own drum kits, build instruments and record your own sounds out of scratch sounds.

The latest DUBTurbo Norbox enables you to memorize your last output signal whether from the DUBTurbo VST or something that you are directly recording. You can easily change the right or left ear or the one channel. The Norbox enables you to visually drag certain channels and pan them right to left at your own discretion.

Dubturbo NORBOX

This is a much complex procedure as compared to the pan aspect, which comes with the unique program and provides you more control over the result. Through fine-tuning the sound in such a manner, you can build a last result that has more intensity and presence than a sound that you can just pan in a confined fashion or a flat sound.

Advantages of DUBTurbo VST

Most of those programs are free though they consist of confined functionality. You can produce a modified control over your recording. DUBTurbo VST is cost-effective too as compared to other VST. Besides, other VST have functionality that you require but not essentially in an intuitive manner. However, all you need is making music but not learning how to use software. That is where DUBTurbo VST can greatly save your time. DUBTurbo VST will assist you to save a lot of money and time hence you can start doing what you want.

Over the next ten months, DURTurbo beat making software will also be running a $5000 contest. The contest was publicized during the first DURTurbo VST seminar that gave a preview of the enthusiastic characteristics of the latest program. You can join the contest through composing your own track on DUBTurbo VST and sharing it with the progressive team.

The team will choose talented new musicians to be the victors of $500.00 in the competition. Good luck during the competition, download this vst plugin for free if you download dubturbo version and enjoy this good beat making software for music maker!

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