FL Studio 11 Download Review: What’s New?

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The latest version of FL studio 11 music making software brings more innovative features to enhance creativity. The most prominent features that have been updated include; multitouch support, new synths, performance mode as well as effects.

This windows software has been voted as one of the top DAWs in the world by majority of MusicRadar Users. This is not only because of superb feature but great interface.

This Fl studio 11 review looks in to finer details of this reliable DAW. It is a must-have for both professionals as well as beginners.

FL Studio 11 Released, Performance Modes & Multi-Touch Support

FL Studio 11 review

FL Studio 11 Exceptional Performance

The performance mode is one notable new feature that enables you to quickly trigger Playlist Clips using MIDI controller or by just typing typing Keyboard, touch screen, and or mouse. It supports APC20/40, Lemur, Micro, Trakor, and more. Multi touch support is what enable you have a hands-on kind of approach especially when using touch screen monitors including the Windows 8. You can be able to introduce a new drum loop, filter automation, chord sequence with ease without necessarily having to set your choice in stone prior to the performance.

The Latest FL Studio beat making software playlist has also been increased from the previous 99 tracks to presently 199 tracks. The Extended controller support will tremendously benefit FL-based performers. It is now easier and faster when using machine, launchpad, and other supported hardware to create beats. The MIDI input port now enables easy linking as it is enhanced to avoid conflicts between controllers. It is also now possible to use the piano roll glue notes, monophonic step mode, and chop cord tool too.

The new Image-Line FL Studio now allow for right-click entry of data, and the mixer gives valuable page up/Down keyboard type of keys orientation cycle in the present mixer tracks plugin window. All these are contained in the FL colorful and customizable visual flair. The performance mode is great to play songs with but it requires variation of loops. Note that automation in a single track necessitates making a whole range of DJ set performance and this will definitely pause a challenge. The latest FL studio 11 is basically more intuitive and is offering an array of unmatched beat making tools. This is far from the old days when this was not possible at all.

FL Studio 11 New and updated Plugins

The new Image-Line FL Studio has both new and updated best vst plugins that make it exceptionally great. The Bass Drum is a new feature that avails to beat makers a deep bass percussion synthesizer giving users punchy customizable kicks. Its trade mark is the big bottom end. Groove Machine Synth (GMS) this is a tymbral synthesizer created due to popular demand of FL Studio users. Another new plugin in the basket is the VFX key Mapper that allows note inputs both from piano roll or live, and a VFX color Mapper that leverages the 16 colors that have traditionally mapped out to MIDI-channels Fl studio DAW.

FL Studio 11

The Effector contains 12 more oriented effects including; Flanging phasing, gating, granulizer, vocal formant, delay, and reverb. This was created to sync with performance mode and works well with multi-touch controllers and touch displays.

Although Patcher is not a new feature as such it has been overhauled and received two new features to enhance functionality. These include the animated connections and a fresher interface. This makes it uncluttered and quite useful for more complex chains that you want to remember. However, you might not be able to use it on each and every mixer bus.

The Groove machine synth is a more robust wave table plugin that includes effects section with each selectable effect having an X/Y pad that you can instantly modulate. The down side is that it looks superfluous when you use performance-based effector. All in all the other effects are of high quality and the interface is great. The selectable effects are more of virtual pads, while the large surface area of X/Y pad are quite ideal for swiping.

Updated Plugins

Newtone 2 has been rewritten with an improved analysis and pitch engine to enhance accuracy,. The new vibrato allows for creation of vibrato effects from scratch, while the vibrato editor can detect vibratos and easily match musicians natural tendency. The warp editor is designed to work with polyphonic and monophonic material and is vital for slicing and quantizing vocal performance as well as drum loops.

Direct wave has been added to the multi timbral mode of the older fl studio. You can easily play more than one patch from the note colors in piano roll. The ZGame Editor visualizer can be used to create both 2D and 3D visualization effect for the plugin. It is able to create real-time High Definition effects. This new Image-Line FL Studio receives a shadier module for impressive effects. Hamor is another plugin that has been updated now can support Komplexer WT wavetables.

FL Studio 11 Additional Tweaks

The possibility of locking notes on piano horizontally or vertically is a plus. The ability to right click Fl studio 11 knobs and link them directly to the controller is another benefit that you will get from the Image-Line Fl Studio music making software.

The greatest benefit that is demonstrated by the FL studio 11 is that the performance mode brings another new dimension to the whole DAW. This is particularly if you have a touch-screen improved controller support for the old and new plugins. It generally takes the work flow to another whole new level. However, it is hard to play better a whole set in the latest Fl Studio because some elements still feel clunky.

The bottom line is that Fl studio has stood the test of time and is improving and adding new features. This is to ensure that it come to terms with the ever-changing music making paradigms. Version 11 is generally user-friendly as it is an improvement from the previous version. The additions and more so the tweaks are welcome a it is an indication of better things to come. It is lately being used as one of the most reliable performance platform. More professionals as well as beginners are adding this product to their basket because of its quality, diversity, and easy to use nature as good beat making software for music producers. Download New FL Studio and start making your own music style!

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